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Debt Reduction Services

In today’s financial climate, creditors are agreeing to very generous debt settlements. If you wish to take this path, understand that you will have the most leverage if you have at least $10,000 in debt to get a reduction with your creditor. Why would a creditor agree to this? Because something is better than nothing. While it may negatively affect your credit score, it will not be as bad as how a bankruptcy can affect your credit score. It is better than paying them nothing and having that mark on your credit report. Your payments will go into a dedicated “special purpose account,” and we will work with you to choose the monthly payment that fits within your budget.



We know how to deal with your creditors, effectively and efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Having a plan for reducing debt helps alleviate the stress & pressure of your debt and can help get your life back on track.


Debt relief may reduce interest rates, monthly payments, and even the overall sum of debt owed. Who doesn’t want that kind of relief?


We do all of the “heavy lifting” for you by simplifying your debt into one affordable payment each month.

An “A” Team

Have a question? Our team is there with an answer. You’ll no longer feel like you’re going at it alone.

Get out of debt faster

No one wants to owe money any longer than they have to. We create a payment program with your creditors to help you reach that goal faster.

Credit Card Debt Relief

There are a number of tried-and-true credit card debt solutions and relief methods that help manage credit card debt.


This type of relief is in the form of a temporary break from making complete payments, not forgiving any amount of the debt. This is useful for temporary financial issues.

Lump Sum Settlement

This type of relief allows for the creditor to agree to accept a single payment to satisfy the total credit card debt. This, however, will affect the debtor’s credit score, and there can likely be tax ramifications as well.

Workout Programs

With this type of relief, the creditor may either reduce your minimum payment, and interest rate, stop assessing late fees, or even forgive previously assessed fees.

Debt Settlement

This type of relief is what we do best. We will negotiate with your creditor with the goal of them agreeing on a settlement amount, often lower than the total debt owed. At the same time, the debtor will satisfy the repayment of the debt, but for less than the amount originally owed!

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